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Arena Riga

Arena Riga is the biggest multifunctional event venue in Latvia and one of the most important venues of a kind in Baltic States. Opened on 15 February 2006 to host International Ice Hockey World Championship.

Arena Riga is good place for entertainment and share good time. In our excellent building it is possible to organize the largest mass events in the Baltics in closed premises. The technical equipment and professional, experienced staff provides the best support for events of different kind. Concerts, shows, performances, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball and corporate events are all possible when it comes to Arena Riga!


Maximum capacity for concerts 2 000 - 13 486 visitors, ice hockey 10 226 visitors, basketball 11 200 visitors, corporate events 9857 - 13 486 clients.

The second level of the venue is designed to provide first class experience to it’s visitors - best view, intimate setting and relaxing atmosphere int the sky boxes. Sky boxes are offered for long term or short term rental period.


Performance Date Time Price Buy

grupa Labvēlīgais Tips SUDRABKĀZAS

27. oct. 2017.


30.6€25.6€22.6€20.6€15.6€ Buy

LĀČPLĒSIS - rokopera

8. nov. 2018.


49€39€29€19€5€ Buy

LATVIJAS GADSIMTS - Latviešu populārās mūzikas dižkoncerts

9. nov. 2018.


49€39€29€19€5€ Buy