Ausma wakes up in a strange bed and can't regognise the room she's in, moreover she can not move or leave. An unfamiliar woman is walking around her house. Although Ausma can not leave her bed, she'll be going on a trip trough vast time and space, revealing a life story that has been swayed by events from Latvian history. 

"It's not often when you can try out the horror genre in theatre. It's hard to convey the feeling that the actors on the stage are in real danger. That's how I came up with this work, where the first minutes fit this genre. 

In moments of danger, confusion or near death experiences grownups tend to call for their mothers or fathers, and in a moment like that starts this play," Valters Sīlis  

Actors are smoking in this performance!

"Mom!" takes place in Latvian with subtitles in English. 

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