Concert performance for families with children. THE LITTLE PRINCE

“The Little Prince” is a poetic story about the aircraft pilot who, due to an accident, lands in the desert and meets a young boy who has landed on Earth from a small asteroid. The story is philosophical and involves public criticism while rethinking the oddity of the adult world. 

Although the story is presented as a children's book, “The Little Prince” has given adult readers a number of revelations about human nature. 

A concert performance for families with children is included in the cultural education program "Latvian school bag"

Art team:

Composer – Andris Vecumnieks

Stage director – Zane Kreicberga

Author of the libretto – Orests Silabriedis

Scenographer – Varis Siliņš


Mārtiņš Zujs (trumpet)

·       Kārlis Catlaks (clarinet)

·       Reinis Lapa (flute)

·       Mārtiņš Zālīte (oboe)

·       Artis Zēns (bassoon)

·       Ingus Novicāns (horn)


Ēriks Vilsons


The concert is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, Liepāja City Municipality and cultural education program "Latvian school bag".

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