A performance about William Shakespeare's play "King Lear".
"Land of Cordelia"
52,89495° N, 3,84645° W

A Latvian researcher finds the precise location of a plot of land meant for Cordelia, the daughter of the mythical King Lear. In order to get there, she needs to convince a finance expert.

Venue: the Small Stage Miera street 58a.
Prices: 20,00; 25,00; 28,00 EUR.
Premier on December 15, 2022.

Authors -Guna Zariņa, Pēteris Krilovs, Matīss Ozols, Gerds Lapoška
Directors - Pēteris Krilovs
Designer - Kristīne Abika
Assistant director - Gerds Lapoška

Actors - Guna Zariņa and Matīss Ozols

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