Interactive guided tour “The Old Fish House”

The Old Fish House guided tour is an educational and entertaining adventure for the entire family. It leads you on an hour-long marvelous journey across Liepāja in olden times with its personalities, ambitions and adventure, work and play, romance and heartache

The story of the Old Fish House, kept hidden for over a hundred years, has come alive at Vecā Ostmala, by the canal of Liepāja. Historically, the Old Fish House was a fish sorting warehouse with fish coming in from all over Europe. The fish was sorted into three categories – crown, reject and double reject, and the sorted barrels were then exported further on to Norway, Germany, the wide land of Russia, and other places. Those were years when Liepāja was one of the largest and most prosperous ports of the Russian Empire. It welcomed vessels with decks full of fish caught in the Atlantic. Refugee masses flooded the port to board the liner from Liepāja to New York in pursuit of a better life in the ‘new world’ of America. Liepāja was rapidly growing into a resort and tourism city as well, with fitting centers for entertainment and recreation – hotels, lavish cinemas, and a magical circus.

All these events of the olden times are merged into the interactive guided tour of the Old Fish House to reveal themselves through a bittersweet love story and allow visitors to feel Liepāja and experience it in its full grandeur. The tour, led by a professional guide, excites not only with its stories and an impressive exposition, but also with smell and taste so it can also be enjoyed by visually impaired and blind visitors.

This year marks the third season of the Old Fish House in Liepāja. Last year, Old Fish House received the Liepāja Culture Award 2020 as one of the most significant and vivid cultural events in Liepāja, visited by several thousand guests over its two seasons. However, the Old Fish House knows no rest! This spring, it has found a new home and new inspirations to go with it! The advanced exposition of the House is now located at Vecā Ostmala by the Liepāja canal, in an old red brick warehouse, which is not only similar to the historical Old Fish House, but also home to a modern fish bar/restaurant and a fish processing facility. Just like in the good old times, with some luck, you will be able to enjoy the smell of fish and leisurely watch fishermen unload their freshest catch at the foot of the warehouse.

Join our tour and discover a new side to Liepāja!

Tours in English once a week: Saturday at 3 p.m.

Individual guided group tours available upon request + 371 25654578. 

Place: Vecā Ostmala 53, Liepāja.

Ticket price:

·         adults – EUR 7.50, 

·         children and youth (3 to 18 years) – EUR 5,

·         seniors – EUR 5,

·         persons with special needs – EUR 5,

·         free admission for small children up to 3 years of age. 

Individual guided group tour for 6 people or less – EUR 45 (not including small children up to 3 years of age). Starting from 7 adults, each adult must pay EUR 7.50 for the tour. It is recommended to book individual tours at least 3 days in advance via e-mail: [email protected] or phone:  + 371 25654578. 

Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices of “Biļešu paradīze” and online at, as well as at the place of the tour (during opening hours). 

The project is implemented by SIA “Rozīņu rezidence” with financial support from Liepāja City Council.


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