Three stars. Zigfrīds, musical video story about Latvia's first diplomat Zigfrid Anna Meierovics

World premiere and meeting with the creative team 11.11.2021. 19. 

A musical staging of a biographical story in a screen version about the popular and very first Latvian diplomat who achieved the creation of Latvia de jure and de facto, Zigfrīds Anna Meierovics.

Platon Buravitsky's inspiring music for soloists, dancers and symphony orchestra in this work surprises with an absolutely fresh lyricism, unprecedented in his oeuvre, a wonderfully light, classically romantic musical fabric, in which operetta, musical, rap, contemporary dance rhythms are genre-blending; 

The sumptuous visuals and visual-artistic themes of the production feature artworks by Ansis Cirulis and Vilhelms Purvītis. 

"The play-film depicts events from the time when Zigfrīds Anna Meierovics was a member of the Refugee Committee to the time of his death, when he is already an internationally respected and renowned diplomat. The story's leitmotif - Meierovics' "Dream Room" - is the forge of his ideas, where his portrait as a diplomat is formed from his dream of a free Latvian state - his thoughts and the narrative of his life as a diplomat. The text and poetry of Juris Hiršs depict Meierovics' life, his willingness to sacrifice the personal for the sake of Latvia's future, living away from his family for long periods of time. Hiršs has managed to combine the portrait of a statesman with the portrait of a man's life imbued with love. For the Latvian and international public, Meierovits' story will be both emotionally powerful in the language of music and a source of historical truths about the Latvian state that will nurture national patriotism. We are paying a debt to this great man, whose name was silenced during the Soviet era, whose children Ruta and Helmuts experienced the inhumanities of exile in Siberia, while Gunārs and Anna had to bear the brunt of exile too. Latvia, built by Zigfrīds, suffered many hardships, and only the patriotism of the people has been able to keep our three sacred stars shining, and the prayer "God bless Latvia" still rings out today with a free breath!" Dace Micāne-Zālīte, director.

"Meierovics is like a symbol, a flag, an anthem. Perhaps a monument to the possibility of the unbelievable? His ideas about the union of the Baltic States, about the Latvian state and its role on this planet.  We are citizens of the Latvian state, and with this production we are telling the story of the creators of our state,” Juris Hiršs, author of the libretto and lyrics

Dr. hist. Jānis Šiliņš:” Meierovics, who was one of the founders of the Latvian state and one of the brightest symbols of independence in his time, undoubtedly deserves special attention. Victories in diplomatic battles during the founding of the state were no less important than victories on the battlefield. It is no coincidence that Z.A. Meierovics was greeted as a hero upon his return to free Latvia. He was also an unconventional personality, a man of great working ability, excellent self-control, unquestionable patriotism and a "natural" talent for diplomacy. Latvia must honour its heroes!"

"The concept of the direction is based on a musical staging of a biographical story. It is designed as an interdisciplinary synthesis of contemporary artistic languages in music, film, choreography and visual arts. The first original Latvian production of the operetta genre of this century has been created in Latvia, in a screen version, combining the events of a hundred years ago in Latvia and in the world with a modern interpretation." Dace Micāne-Zālīte, director.

Zigfrīds Anna Meierovics - Valters Gleške (tenor)

Kristīne Bakmane - Sonora Vaice (soprano)

Anna Meierovics - Jolanta Strikaite (soprano)

General Pilsudski - Aivars Krancmanis (bass-baritone)

Jānis Čakste - Andris Daniļenko (baritone)

Vilis Plute Olav - Andris Kipļuks (tenor)


Dancers: Egija Abaroviča (Kristīne), Reinis Rešetins (Meierovics), etc. 

Symphony Orchestra of the Operetta Theatre

Conductor Valdis Butāns

Directed by Dace Micāne-Zālīte

Choreographer Lilija Lipora 

Visual artist Sandra Strēle

Costume designer Odeta Birmane

Set design by Rolands Strelčs 

Cinematography team of Artūrs Lapinskis 

Sound recorded in Riga Sound Recording Studio, audio engineer Andris Ūze

Composer Platons Buravickis, 

Libretto and poetry by Juris Hiršs

Commissioned by the Latvian Operetta Foundation as a tribute to Latvia. 

Producer Operetta Theatre

Producer, Artistic Director of Operetta Theatre Agija Ozoliņa-Kozlovska

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