The mid-19th century, St. Petersburg. A Russian nobleman lives his life without leaving his bed. He dreams about the ideal life with no problems, no struggle, no worries. When the possibility comes to fall in love, to marry his beloved and to try living life he has always dreamt of, Oblomov returns to his bed. The life turns out to be too frightening for him.

However, this story makes us believe that everybody, even the strangest people are worth of love. This story addresses deeply personally every spectator of the performance.

Actors: Gundars Āboliņš, Vilis Daudziņš, Andris Keišs, Kaspars Znotiņš, Jevgēnijs Isajevs, Baiba Broka, Ivars Krasts

Director – Alvis Hermanis
Stage and costume designer – Kristīne Jurjāne
Dramatisation authors  – Alvis Hermanis, Gundars Āboliņš

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