Robert Icke 


Translated from English by Gatis Šmits

Ruth Woolf, the head of the hospital, is a strong, domineering woman, who has managed to take on the difficulties of both professional and personal life.

Everything changes the day that, while defending her patient's right to a peaceful death, Ruth denies her the opportunity to receive the last sacrament.

This incident marks the beginning of a war between the religious beliefs of the patient's relatives and the medical code of ethics, as well as a confusion between the mind and feelings of the female doctor. This forces the famous professor to stand alone in public court and deal with her past.

Vita Vārpiņa – Ruth Woolf

Artūrs Skrastiņš – Charley

Ilze Ķuzule-Skrastiņa – Semy

Dainis Gaidelis – Bryan Siprian

Aldis Siliņš – Roger Hardiman

Imants Strads – Paul Murphy

Gints Grāvelis – Michael Kopley

Ērika Eglija-Grāvele – Rebecca Roberts

Lelde Dreimane or Milēna Miškēviča – Resident doctor

Ģirts Ķesteris – Jacob Reiss, Catholic priest, Father of Emily Ronan

Dārta Daneviča or Kristīne Nevarauska – Jemima Flint, Minister of health


Directed by Gatis Šmits

Set design by – Rūdolfs Bekičs

Costume design by – Keita

Lightning design by Edijs Feldmanis

Music consultant – Juris Vaivods



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