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2nd International Baltic Sea Choir Competition takes place from 22-24 September in Jurmala city, Latvia. 12 choirs from 8 countries have been chosen for participation in the 2nd International Baltic Sea Competition. The choirs will be evaluated in two competition programmes - Compulsory and Free progamme, after which 5 choirs with highest results will take part at the Grand Prix final.

The Compulsory piece of the competition is written by the recogrized Latvian composer Eriks Esenvalds "Lux Aeterna" in redactions for mixed, male and female choirs. It will be performed by all participants at the Compulsory Programme competition and the best interpretation wil be evaluated by international jury.

Special guest of the Grand Prix fiinal Closing ceremony will be Latvian vocal group "Framest"! 


For the concert on 24.09. at 11.00 Grand Prix final closing concert an entry card has to be selected at the box offices of "Biļešu Paradīze".  

For other events of the competition no enrty card is required. 

22. 09.2017. at  20.00 - Competition Opening Concert at the Dubulti Church.

23.09.2017. at 11.00 - Competition Compulsory Programme concert at Dzintari Concert Hall. 

23.09.2017. at17.00 - Competition Free Programme concert at Dzintari Concert Hall. 


More information about the competition and participants: 

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