LAIKS DEJOT 2024 | Samijs Čins & Kerolaina Makkaula "Iekšēji cildenais" (Kanāda)

"Inner Sublimity'' | Canada

Co-Creators/Performers/Media Artists: Sammy Chien & Caroline MacCaull - Chimrik | Sound Composer: Giorgio Magnanensi (featuring Chris Rolfe**,** Ambient Series #11) | Music contributors: Ai-De Yang, Laris Bäucker, Christian Del Conte Lighting Designer: Jonathan Kim | Dramaturgy Advisor: Claire French | Movement Research Advisor/International Partner: Wu-Kang Chen/Horse Dance Theater | Producing Support: Wen Huang & Yu Fang Teng

"Inner Sublimity” showcases the complexity of life, the light and shadows we all face. This duet utilizes cutting edge interactive technology and deep somatic movement explorations whilst combining east and west cultural knowledge, spiritual practices, and movement to intentionally expand the narrow view that Western society has imposed upon spirituality. By questioning these different paradigms, the artists begin to open new dialogues, new connections and new potential for collective healing.
Asia and Europe, though distinct in their cultural backgrounds and histories, both offer important grounds to develop this work. In Taiwan, a place steeped in rich traditions of spirituality and a deep reverence for cultural heritage, our art making approach can amplify the cultural practices that have been preserved for generations, providing a fresh lens through which to interpret and celebrate their significance. In Europe, a continent with a complex tapestry of spiritual traditions and an emergent interest in holistic well-being, this fusion offers a new perspective that can reinvigorate the exploration of spirituality in the contemporary context.

Tickets: 10 and 7€

Festival is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation, Riga City Council, Latvian Academy of Culture
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