Ukraine Support Day

On February 24, 2024, the world will mark two years since Russia's unprovoked and unjustified full-scale aggression against Ukraine. 

For two years of Russia`s war against Ukraine thousands of Ukrainians lost their lives, tens thousands, including children, were forcefully deported to Russia, and millions of Ukrainian citizens left the country, seeking a shelter from the atrocities of Russian invaders in neighboring countries, including Latvia.

From the very beginning Latvia stands together with Ukraine in its fight with the Russian criminal forces, helping both civil Ukrainians and Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On this day, Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia and Latvian organization "Agendum", which has already delivered almost 2200 vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are organizing an auction, where the participants can acquire unique items, connected to Ukraine`s and Latvia`s friendship, as well as owned by Ukrainian and Latvian celebrities, and make a contribution for the support of Ukraine. All proceeds from the auction will be directed towards the support of Ukraine and its people through the projects implemented by “Agendum”.

Anyone who supports the Ukrainian people's fight for freedom and democracy is invited to attend the event.

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