"Oyun”, which means game in Turkish, is visual poetry.

About the show “Oyun”

Sculptural scenography, the details of which allow objects to spin around their axis, roll, hover and collide with other equally energetic objects. “Oyun”, which means game in Turkish, is visual poetry. In Oyun, the juggler builds up a perfectly balanced structure, he creates his own space in the stage outlining the air and especially defying gravity while pursuing harmony among all the elements. "Oyun" is an unusual universe in which kitchen pots, spoons, kettles and other objects actively interact, resolving their relationships and seeking mutual harmony in them.

Who or what is the sculpture? Is it the juggler or the artefact created? What is the meaning of stability? What is the limit? These questions lead to the searching of the ultimate state: the perfect balance, the architecture of juggling, the harmony between everyday elements.

This show is the result of years of research and experimentation whose inspiration has come mainly from the different artistic disciplines: sculpture, visual poetry, architecture, photography, drawing, music, painting, theater, circus, etc. Oyun is a unique and innovative show for all kinds of audience, combining jokes, rhythm, originality and refined technique of juggling.The show has toured several countries: Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany..

About the artist Federico Menini

Federico Menini was born in Argentina. Tireless traveler, he comes from the world of architecture and arts which he studied for several years in different countries: Spain, Chile, Turkey, Mexico and Russia. In this way he has acquired knowledge from different artistic disciplines: sculpture, social theater, video, engraving, photography, drawing, art criticism, scenery design for performing arts and so on. All of them are tools for the circus: the great multidisciplinary art. After more than 20 years in the world of circus, his great passion, he has gone numerous conferences, meetings, and circus conventions around the world, as well as seminars, workshops and courses like juggling, tightrope-walking, theater, improvisation, balancing, clowning, acrobatics, comic magic, and experimental dance. Over the years, he has worked with several companies and has done extensive work as a circus performer. Nowadays he performs his own solo shows, being also the juggler in Potted, a show by the Spanish company La Trócola Circ, and juggler in the show Sinergia Street (Nueve Uno Company).

When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction.




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