Vocal Ensemble Contemporary Music Concert “Sound Portraits”

Being an artist and singing in an ensemble is very brave, because each member of an ensemble is a soloist. And behind each soloist is a personality. A personality which should be expressed and revealed as one of the main aims of the concert, revealing a truly selfless love for music and joy of singing, and creating an extremely personal dialogue with the audience.
The core of the concert programme is the classics of Latvian ensemble repertoire, as well as several new pieces by Latvian composers, Latvian traditional music, and jazz. 

Artistic Director: Jānis Ķirsis
Director: Laura Groza
Scenographer: Mārtiņš Vilkārsis
Video Artist: Andris Vētra (-8),
Lighting Director: Oskars Pauliņš,
Sound Director: Pauls Dāvis Megi




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