"That's It!", a dramatic concert, dedicated to Viktor Tsoi


In the year, when the famous singer and musician, leader of the group "Kino" Viktor Tsoi would have turned 60, Mikhail Chekhov Theater, in collaboration with Hanzas Perons, has staged a musical performance "That's It!", dedicated to the man, who became one of the legends of the 20th century.

Viktor Tsoi's sharp and bright talent flourished during "the break of the era" – in the 1980s. Pronounced anti-war sentiments, a sense of confrontation between an individual and the system in its various manifestations and guises, deeply personal coloring of experiences, bright and powerful lyrics, bold, memorable musical solutions that are a trademark of "Kino" – all of this turned out to be in tune with the times and the spirit of change. Now, the songs by Viktor Tsoi and "Kino", already beloved by many, are regaining some special relevance and, in a sense, a second wind. Once again, they are about us of today.

The production includes twenty songs, performed by the actors. The famous theater director Roman Smirnov, who personally knew Viktor Tsoi, his family and colleagues, also used video materials, provided by artists, associated with Viktor Tsoi and his friends.

Director – Roman Smirnov
Composer – Vladimir Tuzov
Video projections – Artis Dzerve
Costumes Designer – Valentina Zachinyayeva
Light Designer – Oskars Paulins
Choreographer – Arthur Skutelsky


Alexander Malikov
Yekaterina Frolova
Maxim Busel
Nikita Osipov
Olga Nikulina
Rodion Kuzmin
Tatyana Lukashenkova
Veronika Plotnikova
Vitaly Yakovlev
Konstantin Nikulin
Evilena Protektore


Vladimir Tuzov – keys
Dmitry Karpov – keys
Julia Savelyeva – guitar
Anton Vysotsky – drums

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