Homo Novus / Attractors Listening Room

To ensure the safety of our audience, artists and team, the attendance of the festival in person will only be possible when presenting a Covid-19 certificate that proves the fact of vaccination or recovery from the illness within the past six months and an identity document. Therefore, unfortunately, the festival may only be attended by persons 12 and up this year.

If you have specific requirements to be able to access the venue, please email us at [email protected] 

Non-verbal sound performance

Author: Voldemārs Johansons

An attractor is a state to which any dynamic system tends to evolve. Chaotic or strange attractors are a set of values that never reach equilibrium. In a performance that emerges from a meeting of art and science Latvian artist Voldemārs Johansons offers a rare view in the world of mathematical chaos, where generative computing is depicted with sound and choreographed movement.

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