Homo Novus / A THOUSAND WAYS. Part II: An Encounter

Only in Latvian.

A THOUSAND WAYS. Part II: An Encounter is a 1:1 performance where two people at an epidemiologically safe distance.

A project for strangers in which you are the actor and you are the audience.

You and a stranger meet at opposite ends of a table, separated by a pane of glass. Using a script and a few simple objects, a simple exercise of working together becomes an experience of profound connection with another person.

A performance about communion, distance, and reconnection from one of the world’s most acclaimed nontraditional theater companies. Guided by a score of instructions, questions, prompts, and physical directives, people who have never met build a series of performances for one another.

A Thousand Ways explores the line between strangeness and kinship, distance and proximity, and how the most intimate assembly can become profoundly radical.


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