Kristīne Balanas un Vencels Fukss | MŪZIKAS LABIRINTS

What lies at the heart of a musical maze? Just as the heroic Theseus slayed the Minotaur, so do the virtuoso graduates of Karajan Academy conducted by Stanley Dodds, with soloists Kristine Balanas and Wenzel Fuchs, conquer a program of uniquely demanding works of musical genius. Performing together with outstanding young musicians from across Latvia, the ensemble presents a program bookended by the genius of Mozart and, at its mysterious center, the impossibly difficult Laberinto Armonico of Baroque composer and violinist Pietro Locatelli.

Mozart’s cryptically inventive Musical Joke, which opens the program, stands in stark contrast to his Clarinet Concerto, one of the last works the composer completed before his untimely death. The Concerto was written for the very first clarinet virtuoso, Anton Stadler, and will be performed by defining clarinetist of our time, Wenzel Fuchs, a principal of the Berlin Philharmonic. The lush, cinematographic landscapes of the film composer Nino Rota’s Concerto for Strings provide a brief, albeit dramatic, respite. Kristine Balanas, Latvia’s leading violin soloist, will offer a rare performance of the Locatelli which lives up to its legendary subtitle, facilus aditus, difficilis exitus, or - easy to enter, difficult to escape.

Featuring graduates of the Karajan Academy at the Cēsis Concert Hall in Latvia on 24 July 2021, the project’s objective is to expose the excellence of  Latvian musicians to the world with a program that highlights virtuosity and compositional genius to audiences of all ages and cultures, and to re-establish musical and cultural connections between exceptional young performers in an increasingly divided world.


Ticket to the concert is only valid with a Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate proving that the visitor has completed a full course of vaccination against Covid-19 or has recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months. To attend the event, a visitor must carry an ID, a personalised ticket and a valid certificate. Please make sure you arrive in a timely manner.



Kristīne Balanas, violin

Wenzel Fuchs, clarinet / Austria

Orchestra of the graduates of Karajan Academy and Latvian young musicians

Conductor Stanley Dodds / Canada


Event is supported by the German Embassy in Latvia.

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