The multimedia exhibition unites the masterpieces of 14 the most famous representatives of modernism, - collection of artistic movements XIX-XX centuries.
The unique composition of the animated paintings with the accompaniment of surrounding music creates a wonderful atmosphere immersing the viewers into the world created by the genius minds.

More about the exhibition
The multimedia show Great Modernists takes the viewer on a journey into the art world of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when culture and society experienced extraordinary global events. At that time, these great artists managed to discover an inexhaustible source of meaning where the "tradition" saw only chaos and stupidity.

Their paintings contain endless visual puzzles that plunge the viewer into a maze of unexpected contrasts and vivid, unforgettable emotions. Today, with the help of digital technology, these paintings take on new life and meaning.

Digital Art House allows a person to be transported to another space and immerses himself in the works of geniuses: Monet, Kandinsky, Edgar Degas and many others - surrounded by a dance of light and sound. Barely, a journey into the world of Modernism through technology that enlightens and shapes a whole new perspective on art.

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