In the spring of 2021 the popular singer DZINTARS ČĪČA presents an emotional concert program "Songs for My Daughter". The musician dedicates the concert to his two-year-old daughter Gabriela.

"Here is the answer to a question asked by many listeners - where have I been lost. I have spent the last couple of years with my princess and the greatest love of my life - my daughter Gabriela," the singer reveals. "I won't tell a word about him in the media, but I will create a story about him in my spring concerts."
In the 1st part of the concert "Songs for My Daughter" Čīča will sing the most beautiful Latvian and Gypsy lullabies accompanied by pianist Anatoly Livča's piano, while in the 2nd part the most popular soloist songs of all time will be performed - "Likteņlīnijas", "Violnieks" etc.
Concert producer, Dzintars' songwriter and cousin Kaspars Antess: "We always find new emotions in concerts of Dzintars, because the soloist's life is dynamic and he is not afraid to be true. The daughter has completely changed Dzintars emotional world, and it seems that even her voice has deepened. and more colorful."

Organizer of the concert program - producer group "Koncertu Paradīze" (tel. 29438101).

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