ONLINE CONCERT. The LNSO and Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik on a summer's eve

Reinis ZARIŅŠ – piano
Conductors Guntis KUZMA, Andris POGA
Concert hosted by Orests SILABRIEDIS


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Johannes Brahms Serenade no2

Igor Stravinsky Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments

Tālivaldis Ķeniņš Symphony no. 1

From Classical master Mozart to striking soundsmith Ķeniņš, featuring romantic philosopher Brahms, and Stravinsky's raving experiments - the LNSO presents a dazzling and diverse programme for its 12 June concert. The LNSO's two conductors will appear in front of the orchestra, while the audience's favourite Reinis Zariņš takes the piano. Each listener can choose their preferred setting for enjoying the concert - under the trees by the holiday house, the middle of the forest, the bustling city, or unending rural calm. Wherever the audience might be, the LNSO will bring Eine kleine Nachtmusik, a serenade, and other musical treats.

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