Homo Novus 2019 / Lighter than Woman

International Festival of Contemporary Theatre "Homo Novus"

performance "Lighter than Woman"

September 11, 12, 13 at 19:00

Theatre at Ģertrūdes street, Ģertrūdes street 101a


In English with Latvian subtitles

Tickets – 10 EUR (7 EUR - reduced price for students, seniors, people with disabilities)

By and with Kristina Norman
Dramaturg Laur Kaunissaare
Film by Erik Norkroos
Music: Jēkabs Nīmanis
Choreographic advice: Joanna Kalm, Karolin Poska
Lights: Oliver Kulpsoo
With participation of Isadora Angelini, Ivana Abbondanza, Halina Fomiceva, Liubov Sandulovych, Nataliya Sandu, Victoria Bilivska, Mariia Filonenko, Mayya Romashchenko, Rina Pancaldi
Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Ministry of Culture of Estonia
Co-producers: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Santarcangelo Festival, New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione / Atlas of Transitions Biennale

‘Lighter Than Woman’ is docu-poetic performance about women who once in their lives have leaped into the unknown, both literally and metaphorically. The basis for this work is Kristina Norman’s study of and collaboration with Ukrainian women working as carers for the elderly in Italy where they are called a special term, badante.

In the context of modern migration, this is yet another untold story about leaving the old in hope of finding a new life, yet remaining in a limbo between the two, without a solid identity.

Here Kristina also tells us about herself, a contemporary European artist, and the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who has spent all her life fighting the gravitational force of the Earth. Combined, the portraits of these different women create an image that rekindles the pride of being a human.

International Festival of Contemporary Theatre "Homo Novus" is the leading performing arts festival in Latvia and one of the biggest in the Baltic region. Festival takes place in Riga from September 5 till 13, 2019 and introduces audiences to both new and renowned artists that seek ways of expressing their views and opinions about the world and the society. Festival offers a range of performances as well as seminars, workshops and other activities.


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