grupas AUĻI koncerts SENČU BALSIS

“Voices of the Ancestors” is a new concert programme by the drum and bagpipe group Auļi in collaboration with musicians from various countries around the world. Auļi have travelled far and wide to meet singers representing ancient and unusual singing traditions and techniques. This time the group has focused on powerful men’s voices that characterise a specific region. Performances by well-known singers from various geographical regions merge with the Auļi’s powerful instrumental music based in Latvian traditional music, creating an impressive programme of world music.

Guests of the concert

Batzorig Vaanchig - khoomei / throat singer (Mongolia) 

Kai Somby - sami joiker (Norway) 

Albin Paulus - jodel singer (Austria) 

Edgars Lipors - traditional folk singer (Latvia)

“We’ve become acquainted with several representatives of ancient singing traditions and discovered how these voices meld with drums and bagpipes as well as with Latvian folk songs. We invite you to come along with us on this exciting and memorable journey!”


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