Homo Novus / Concert for Plants

International Festival of Contemporary Theatre "Homo Novus" / September 1 - 9, 2017 / Riga

Performance "Concert for Plants"

Authors: Toms Treinis, Mārtiņš Zariņš, Pēteris Vīksna

September 4 at 19:00 and 21:00

September 6 at 21:00

Palm house at the University Botanical garden, Kandavas iela 2


In Latvian

Tickets 7 EUR and 5 EUR (reduced price for students, seniors, people with disabilities)

 Is plant a commodity, an exhibit, a thing or living organism? The first jointly devised site-specific work by young Latvian directors Toms Treinis and Mārtiņš Zariņš combines the elements of lecture-performance, visual art installation and concert. The work is based on the research of the world of plants, their systems of perception and communication, the originally written musical score and conversations with the people whose lives are deeply connected with plants. In this concert for plants humans are only visitors, hence their physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing is subordinated to the one of the plants.


The International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus is the leading performing arts festival in Latvia and one of the biggest in the Baltic region. It takes place in Riga and introduces audiences to both new and renowned artists that seek ways of expressing their views and opinions about the world and the society. Festival offers a range of performances as well as seminars, workshops and other activities.

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