Homo Novus / Hear

International Festival of Contemporary Theatre "Homo Novus" / September 1 - 9, 2017 / Riga

Performance "Blind Cinema"

Concept, creation, composition Benjamin Vandewalle, Yoann Durant 

September 6 at 18:00, 21:00

VEF chamber hall, Ieriķu iela 5a


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Tickets 10 EUR and 7 EUR (reduced price for students, seniors, people with disabilities)


Hear is an auditive choreography that unfolds around and in between the audience. Choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle and composer Yoann Durant are developing a human soundscape that explores the physical power of sound. For every edition of Hear, they work with a choir of local volunteers. This way, every performance has a unique voice.

Benjamin and Yoann are concernd with sound but go beyond its emitter, receptor and aesthetics. The matter of sound – the being, the becoming, the existence and the visual reality of sound as such. Hear doesn’t emphasize your physical body, yet its limits are tested, shifting and expanding to other bodies. You are here in Hear. And over there. And there. Sound is everywhere and all the time.


The International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus is the leading performing arts festival in Latvia and one of the biggest in the Baltic region. It takes place in Riga and introduces audiences to both new and renowned artists that seek ways of expressing their views and opinions about the world and the society. Festival offers a range of performances as well as seminars, workshops and other activities.



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