Via Cultura, nodibinājums


Non-governmental organization VIA CULTURA manages diverse culture projects, organizes public, educational events for society, especially for children and youth. Activities organized by VIA CULTURA have been held in different cities of Latvia – Liepaja, Kuldiga, Rudbarzi, Ventspils, Saldus, Rezekne and Riga. The number of people who attended and took part in all our events in 2017 (3 festivals, 19 concerts, 2 excursions, 2 educational events for children and their parents, 4 exhibitions, 22 workshops, master classes and lectures, 2 contests, 5 literary readings) were more than 8400 people. Organization also has requested and premiered 5 new pieces.

The most significant events of Via Cultura:

Liepaja International Organ Music Festival in 2020 will happen from 12th to 19th of September in Liepaja. Festival was founded in 2002 with an aim to draw attention to the pride of Liepaja – Liepaja’s Holy Trinity Cathedral’s historical baroque pipe organ. Since 1912 it is the world’s largest non-reconstructed mechanical pipe organ with 131 stops, 4 manuals and more than 7000 pipes.

Festival Via Baltica is held since 2011 in Liepaja and Kuldiga in August, when traditionally in the Baltic States is celebrated the remembrance day of the Baltic Way (1989). The festival gathers artists and musicians from countries all around the Baltic Sea to concerts, art exhibitions, films and theatre plays. It has become a tradition for several years now to end the festival with the Night of Ancient Bonfires when many places along the coastline of Baltic Sea light a bonfire to honor the Baltic Sea. Festival will not be happening in 2020 due to Covid-19.

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VIA CULTURA events are organised with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation, Liepaja and Kuldiga City Council. 


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