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April 30, 2021 7:00 PM
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Good to know

LNSO concludes its concert season with three excellent online concerts!

This April and May, the LNSO will conclude its 2020-2021 concert season with three magnificent online concerts. They will reunite distinguished conductors and pianists: Lithuanian maestro Modestas Pitrėnas and Reinis Zariņš, Andris Poga in his final concert as the music director of the LNSO and Elīna Bērtiņa, while the legendary Vladimir Fedoseyev will take the stage together with Georgijs Osokins.

 You will receive an access link and a code with which you will be able to watch concerts from anywhere in the world, not only live, but also recorded at any convenient time until May 31.

LNSO, BRAHMS, SCHUMANN, AND LEIMANE |  Online April 30th 19:00 | record till May 31st

Reinis ZARIŅŠ – piano

Conductor Modests PITRENS

Live concert on Latvian Radio 3 Klasika, and


  • Linda LEIMANE Enantiomorphic Chambers
  • Robert SCHUMANN Manfred Overture
  • Johannes BRAHMS Piano Concerto no. 2

This season, we will hear Enantiomorphic Chambers, the third opus by the LNSO's talented composer-in-residence Linda Leimane. Inspired by the work of the poet and cult artist of the 20th century Robert Smithson, this piece attests to the composer's subtle and intricate approach to music writing, allowing her to create a nuanced and multi-layered atmosphere. The award-winning pianist Reinis Zariņš describes Brahms' Piano Concerto no. 2 as one of the most monumental and beautiful piano concerts, a true symphony. According to the skilful master of the instrument, the work embodies all that is noble, precious, and deeply human. Meanwhile, upon creating music for the production of Lord Byron's Manfred, Robert Schumann considered the overture to be one of his greatest pieces. Its stormy and intense music has been well received by both critics and audiences.


LNSO, PROKOFIEV, AND BRUCKNER | Online May 14th 19;00 | record till May 31st

Elīna BĒRTIŅA – piano

Conductor Andris POGA

Live concert on Latvian Radio 3 Klasika, and


  • Sergei PROKOFIEV Piano Concerto no. 1
  • Anton BRUCKNER Symphony no. 9

Regarding his farewell concert as the music director of the LNSO, Andris Poga says: "Conducting Bruckner is always a challenge, but at the same time it brings extraordinary, even otherworldly joy. Rather than resembling an easy, well-trodden path surrounded by familiar landscapes, it is more comparable to space exploration in the sense of finding answers to age-old, existential questions about the nature of things. Bruckner's Symphony no. 9 represents one of the highest peaks in the symphonic repertoire. It is like Mount Everest, which is hard to climb, yet if you manage to reach the top, beware of getting blinded by the sun.” A fine pianist will shine alongside this Everest – the award-winning master of the instrument Elīna Bērtiņa whose virtuosity will be revealed in Prokofiev's no. 1, which brought its composer the Anton Rubinstein Prize. Despite defying conventions and confusing critics who said it must have been written by a madman, the work did become one of the most characteristic opuses of the 20th century and its author, Sergei Prokofiev.


LNSO, GEORGIJS OSOKINS, AND VLADIMIR FEDOSEYEV | Online May 21st 19:00 | record till May 31st

Olesya PETROVA – mezzo-soprano

Georgijs OSOKINS – piano

State Choir LATVIJA

Conductor Vladimir FEDOSEYEV

Live concert on Latvian Radio 3 Klasika, and


  • Ludwig van BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto no. 4
  • Sergey PROKOFIEV Alexander Nevsky Cantata

"Refined, impeccable technique, musical ideas – simply great piano playing." This is how the French radio lauded the sensitive ivory tickler Georgijs Osokins, and the world of music agrees. He will meet the legendary Russian maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev in the music of Ludwig van Beethoven. Shortly after its premiere, the Vienna press wrote that Concerto no. 4 "is the most admirable, singular, artistic, and complex Beethoven concerto ever". So, it will be interesting to hear it rendered by the hands of Osokins. Meanwhile, the Alexander Nevsky Cantata was conceived because Sergei Eisenstein invited Prokofiev to write a score for his film. It turned out to be so successful that the composer transformed the music into an independent piece, and who better to interpret it truthfully and emphatically than the Russian maestro Fedoseyev who is already well known to Latvia's audience. So is Petrova, who has performed at the Metropolitan Opera and on other prestigious stages around the world, including that of our own opera house.

You will receive an access link and a code with which you will be able to watch concerts from anywhere in the world, not only live, but also recorded at any convenient time until May 31.



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