TIEŠRAIDES koncerts Senās mūzikas festivāls 2020 / Koncertuzvedums bērniem ĪKSTĪTE

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This events sales period has ended

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Concert production for children Thumbelina

Marlēna KEINE – Thumbelina
Evija MARTINSONE – Good Witch, Mouse
Kārlis RŪTENTĀLS – Toad, Mole
Mihails ČUĻPAJEVS – Prince
Vocal group Abaronin Ensemble
Instrumental ensemble lead by Lāsma Meldere-Šestakova
Students of the Riga Choreography School and the Riga Cathedral Choir School
Storyteller Karina BĒRZIŅA

H. C. Andersen’s well-known fairy tale Thumbelina will be dressed in fascinating musical notes. The music from the outstanding French Early music composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s pastoral opera Actéon will be woven through the tale about a wife finally finding the baby she so longed for – Thumbelina – in a tulip blossom; about the mean Toad who will kidnap Thumbelina, about the Mouse and Mole; and finally about the Swallow that will take her to the marvelous Flower World, where Thumbelina will meet the Flower Prince and this will happily conclude her tale. M.A. Charpentier’s pastoral opera Actéon has a handful of beautiful solos, duets and ensembles, as well as many jovial dances that fit well into the message of the fairytale. The participants of the production will, as always, be dressed in splendid costumes, and the props for the production will be prepared by the artist Ieva Ādamsone.



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